Top 5: Reality Shows Ever Produced

#5. The Amazing Race [2001]

#4. MasterChef Canada [2014]

#3. The Bachelor [2002]

#2. Big Brother [2000]

#1. The Mole [2001]

This was truly a difficult list to come up with considering I only had five slots to fill and I LOVE reality shows. Yes, I know- shameful but they make it addictive I swear! It’s like blaming the consumer for not being able to eat just one Lays chip; they make it so! Anyway, I know there will be much debate about the number one choice by those who know me most but I really had to think about which shows, if all were airing right now, I would be the most excited about and I had to go with The Mole.

Sadly, it only aired for a few seasons and the only ones that were extraordinary was hosted by Anderson Cooper (the first season being the most memorable). At the time that The Mole aired, it really was truly a unique show that had never been produced before (at least in North America). The mind games, charming contestants, the good looking host (he had not come out yet!), the show’s writing, the element of mystery and most of all the concept of the show were all so fascinating, absorbing and absolutely addictive- you just could not get enough of it. So good that I ordered the dvd copy of the first season and have probably watched it more than 3 times now (and also tried strong-arming a few others, without success, to watch it with me again)!

Disagree? What are your top 5’s?

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