Xtra No More

For most people 2008 would mark a year of memorable feats: greener consciences, housing and market slumps, wall street bail outs, gas prices at an unimaginable low and of course President-Elect Obama winning presidency over the balding white dude. But I must say, for me and perhaps one other person out there, 2008 was the year of tragic loss. North America lost something tasty, delightful and comforting- our McDonald’s Big Xtra Sandwich.

Camille and I joke about the very aspect of not knowing ‘what you got ’til it’s gone’ and it certainly rings true here. “Had I known it would be taken away from me so soon I would not have ordered the Big Mac all those times”, she says. And I, of course, could not help but agree in unison. If we’d only been informed of the imminent despair we would have prepared ourselves for the harsh realties of future days without the Xtra.

Summer days of sitting under the beloved yellow arches and watching the fat drip off our sandwiches onto our fingertips, tasting the unique juicy, sweet/tangy combination flavour that only a Big Xtra could produce, are sadly over. Needless to say, our memorable burger days- days we thought were endless, have wound down because of the random disappearance of the Big Xtra.

On most good days you can find Camille and I wandering hopelessly in there to sheepishly order a gourmet, doctored-up Big Mac with all the Xtra fixings that oddly enough resembles a second-runner up Big Xtra. “Yes, could you add a dollop of ketchup, mayo and one slice of tomato on my Big Mac please?”

6273802550_0795ce64db_bWe try to move on; to experience other delights- but in these tough times it’s hard not to try to duplicate what was once a comforting sandwich that has now earmarked 2008 as the year that we lost the Big Xtra. Will it ever be the same again?


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