The Curious Case of a Seven Pound Millionaire

This season garnered, in my opinion, some of the greatest films of this decade starring some of the most memorable and brilliant actors of our time.

Seven Pounds stars the ever multi-faceted actor (mostly known for his legendary role as the freshest Prince of a place called Belair), Will Smith. It’s a story that unfolds into a series of subplots that slowly reveals itself as Will Smith peels away the layers of his character and the reason for his entire routine existence. His role in Seven Pounds evokes nothing less than dark, emotional grittiness that sustains its power through to the heart-wrenching end.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on the famed novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is an epic film that must be viewed in theatres than simply watched at home. This movie is not only thought-provoking and profoundly written and directed but its leading actors Brad Pitt (whose outstanding performance reminds us all of how good an actor he really is outside of the media’s obsession over his shacking up with the home-wrecking, once-bloody-vial-wearing-now-turned-holy-von-adopt-a-million-children Jolie) and Cate Blanchett deliver some of their best work yet. The sometimes superficial ‘hollywoodized’ business of film is one that consists of multi-levels of talented and talentless performers: few great, some good and a lot bad but the actors who star in this undoubtedly classic film puts the art back into acting. Predictable as the ending was of course, you couldn’t help but find yourself praying for a miracle of sorts. One of the most heart-breaking movies I’ll probably ever watch- a true classic of this generation.

However, great as the others may be, my enthusiasm for the films introduced this year does not even remotely compare to my love of this years dubbed “surprise hit”, Slum Dog Millionaire. The greatest films of all have a common, effortless power that introduces you to foreign ideas, provokes your inner subconscious, overwhelms you with raw and very real emotions and entices you into its creative, imaginary world. Slum Dog Millionaire certainly takes you on this colourful journey and in doing so, have captured audiences’ hearts everywhere. Born in the slums of Mumbai, the primary character, Jamal Malik played by Dev Patel, is an honest and determined fighter. He fights for many things: his rights as a citizen, his right to love whomever he chooses, his right to protect himself, his beliefs, and most importantly, his word. This thrilling and super extraordinary film will keep you hoping for more and you will find yourself rooting for the fictional characters long after the films credits have rolled. Best film of the year winner at this year’s Golden Globe, Slum Dog Millionaire certainly does not disappoint!

These rare films of uniquely-told stories have given people a reason to return to the cinema again- even if it means having to give up your first born for a popcorn combo and that’s not even including the ticket itself- but that’s another rant saved for a rainy day.

Go, watch, enjoy and be BROKE! 🙂


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