J’aime Paris: part deux

Yet another great day in Paris! Most definitely the hottest and driest day since I arrived; also the day we chose to go to The Arc de Triomphe and walk along Champs de Ellys. The Arc definitely has been the highlight of my trip (although its hard to pick one highlight). It truly is one of the most recognizable symbols of Paris save from number one, Eiffle Tower of course. The climb up was breathlessly tiring and the climb down was dizzying and scary (as if we were seeing extra steps and at some point Camille missed a step) but it was not as long of a climb as I imagined and it was most certainly worth it. The view from up top is AMAZINGLY beautiful and not so frightening even for the fearful few who were undoubtedly afraid of heights but were brave enough to come up. My only regret is not being able to get a surround shot of it however, that would have been impossible!

I also had my first foreign McDonalds experience which was good and bad. The reason being is because I sort of got what I wanted (sans fromage) but I wanted a combo but apparently that was not thoroughly communicated. The sandwich, I happily discovered, resembled much more of a regular real burger (Camille’s reason for disenjoying it). Of course, in Paris, foreigners must not try to doctor up Big Macs into Big Extras so I stayed away from that coping mechanism and dealt with it by ordering a la carte the sandwich that would most likely taste like the Extra and with a few small tweaks, the Royal Supreme had great potential.

We ended the night with a “Cinema en Plein Air” (rough translation: we sat in a park waiting for darkness for the movie to begin). Much like a drive-in movie (except we brought blankets to sit on the grass), this event allowed us to switch up the movie experience with a ginormous outdoor blow-up screen replacing the traditional indoor sceen. The weather was amazing and there was plenty of wine and beer to go around. The night finally came to a drunken halt with some wine-spilling antics (with three of four people dirty- not me) and a hilarious footage video of its’ aftermath (soon to air).


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