J’aime Paris: part trois

Tonight on our street some crazy men (after dark) started screaming at some dude across the way and kicked in his door a couple times (we stay on the 6th floor and hear/see everything). We were able to catch some of the action on video and managed to capture all the neighbours from across and below checking from their own windows/terraces. Then all of a sudden some mid to elderly lady one level below across from us starts screaming something about “Le Chinois” in French but it didn’t sound like a very non-racist comment (the men screaming were Chinois) lol. That was the highlight of the day- a hoot and a riot! Mainly because its not something we, in Toronto, would experience much of living in condos, high-rises and houses in the burbs.

Yesterday night was a blast as partying in Paris always is! We all started pre-drinking at our apartment and then headed out on the town to the Saint Michel area (rather club/party district). We ended up meeting a couple friends by the Saint Michel fountain and club-hopped our way from a gay bar (bra’s hung all over the ceiling and naked bar tenders in only thongs) to a salsa club. We had so much fun and literally got everyone in the club to dance that the waiters brought us to the front and gave us sparklers!

Drunken Success!


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