When in Gent…

The past weekend was amazing- we did a mad European road trip to Belgium and Amsterdam. We had such a great time (sooo much to write- another Amsterdam blog to follow). The drive was less eventful than I thought it would be (I thought we’d see mountains and greeneraries but it was much the same as any other road trip spanning 5 hours (that includes switching cars, getting lost and stopping for washroom/food breaks).

Finally arriving in the small town of Vilvoorde, Belgium, we were pooped to say the least but as we were only staying for barely one night, we definitely wanted to take in as many things as possible. Our gracious host, Alvie, took us to another small town in Belgium called Gent and there, we partied at one of the biggest festivals I’ve ever been to. It seemed like everyone in Europe was there at the Gent Festival! The food, sights, drinks and music were amazing and there were people everywhere! At first when we arrived in Gent, the streets and trams were bare and quiet but after about 15 minutes of walking into the downtown core, we found that EVERYONE was laughing, drinking and rocking out to a good time! The festival was packed and unlike any other I’ve been to mainly because it was at night and lasted til the wee hours of the morning (5am!) and the food was of course different but AMAZING (I’m always craving their street-meat and yummy fries) and of course the surrounding scenary (the canals and buildings were lit up with coloured lights and bright with festivities). Many pictures were taken so look for them as soon as I post them!


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