It’s a Small World Afterall!


For someone (me) who’s never been to Disneyland before, I think it’s pretty amazing that I can now say I’ve only been to the Disneyland in Paris (lol)! It was sooo much fun! Camille and I were able to go on every ride our hearts desired, including the heartstopping Hollywood Tower of Terror which Camille from the very beginning adamantly claimed she was not going on due to her ever-growing fear of heights! Guess what, she went on it (lol) but mainly because I tricked her and told her to just wait in line with me until I get to the front and then she could leave but lo and behold, we got to the front and unfortunately for her, there was no escape route (lol)! Nonetheless, in my heart of hearts, I truly believe she had a great time even if her head was buried in the crevace of my armpit the whole time (lol). I’m so proud of her! But then she did get me back by making me go to the Haunted House which scared the freaking shite out of me! I know, you all are probably thinking, no way she did it but yessir I did (lol). It was all in good fun and even though some of the rides were so dizzying that it made me sick, it still was all part of the fun (think I’m getting old).

The highlight of the day was buying our children- Minnie Mouse and Dumbo (lol). We were contemplating all day which character we each should buy and as soon as I saw my Dumbo and as soon as I showed Cam her Minnie Mouse, we knew they were the ones (lol). We took them everywhere and even took pictures of just them in the park (lol, yes we are nerds).

Also, the second highlight of the day was us TOTALLY pigging out on buckets of popcorn and cotton candy. We discovered we loved the combination of cotton candy and salty popcorn so much that we pigged out like we had not eaten in centuries (lol) and regretfully, although we don’t have any pictures of such an incident (us pigging out like we’d never seen food), I am sure some tourist got a huge laugh from seeing us savagely attacking those buckets that maybe they took a picture and someday, as embarrassing as it will be, it will end up on the world wide web and everything will be okay again (lol).


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