Home Sweet Home

Well… not quite yet but one more night in Paris (disregard the infamous pun) and then I will be HOME SWEET HOME! This 3 week trip has taught me a few things:

A) I am a true homebody (I will tend to miss home if I am gone far too long)

B) Two weeks is often enough for any vacation of mine

C) I can actually survive, cook and care for myself if push comes to shove (or if left to Camille)

I had a great time in Europe (Vilvoorde, Gent, Amsterdam and of course Paris) but it has made me realize that I am a true character of where I come from and my routine, my surroundings and my comfort zones are proof that I could never live anywhere else but where I reside right now.

I am glad I did what I had been wanting to do and what Cam and I have been planning for since time and being here with her and experiencing the time of our lives has been a blast and something I will always remember!


Au Revoir Paris!


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