The Sky’s the Limit at Sky Blue Sky Sandwich!

If sammiches fulfill a deep desire within for you as it does for me, then Sky Blue Sky Sandwich is the place you want to try! My fellow food traveler, Ashley and I decided to check out this place and discovered how much we enjoyed eating homemade, ready-to-wolf-down sandwiches!

At first glance, truth be told, it isn’t your favoured neighborhood joint nor is it a hip, contemporary diner. It, quite simply, looks like a guy behind a counter who happens to make sandwiches- and good ones at that! The history of the restaurant is not known (not to me at least as I did not do the research lol) but if I had to bank my GIC on it, I would imagine two Philosophy majors one night were *ahem* deep in thought (no doubt when the munchies came about) looked at each other and said “dude, we could make sandwiches!” et voila, an idea was born.

The cashier, who I assume is the co-owner (because frankly I can’t imagine a place like this that just serves sandwiches making enough to be able to afford a full-tiime cashier), is super pleasant, helpful and welcoming. The cook/”sandwich dealer” (the one with the apron), has a knack for making unique and flavourful sandwiches (a skill I hope to master one day) using the freshest ingredients and the best of one’s imagination (no beans in his imagination, thank goodness)!

The atmosphere is much like what you would find in a University cafeteria: light music, books/newspapers available, crumbs and seating by the window. Where this “restaurant” lacks in appearance, it makes up for in friendly service, affordable prices and fabulous lunches! The choices are limitless because the menu caters to the strict veggers and the meat lovers as well. And even if one of the many combinations on the menu is not to your ideal liking, they are more than happy to add or hold any ingredient you so specifically desire.

*** out of 5

*Interesting factoid: This restaurant was featured on the Rogers (at least one good thing came out of that name!) cable network show, Toronto Dining, and if you ask the “cashier/owner” he would be more than happy to tell you about that behind-the-scene’s experience!


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