O.M.G. for DT B.

DT is a quaint and intimate bistro yet there’s an aura of grandness with its light and bright features that opens up the small space. Once inside DT Bistro, you can easily forget that you’re not in the midst of a Parisian journey. The best space and food so far on our venture- DT Bistro never tries to be something it’s not.

The unique decor is simple yet effortlessly stunning with natural exterior elements brought in or accentuated with its reflective varnish finishes. The large open windows and doors make the room airy and bigger than it really is. The impressive and yet unobstructed chandelier adds a touch of elegance to the place while fresh flowers are the perfect feminine touch to contrast the small intricate art sculptures displayed. It is very obvious that attention-to-detail is not lacking here.

The food– only divine. I am a picky eater (I do know worse but picky I am nonetheless) and the food and atmosphere is what will keep me coming back again because I just want to try each and every item on the menu. The menu itself is not extensive by any means but the selection is great for every muncher: those who like/hate nuts/seeds, those who enjoy meat and those who can live without much or any at all. The prices listed, in my opinion, are quite fair- you are paying for quality, quantity and presentation minus the uptight feel of a stuffy French restaurant, however, plastic forks and untamed foods are still prohibited.

Lastly, don’t leave without trying their desserts. Their delectable and palatable sweets corner (fresh out-of-the-oven cakes, decadent chocolate delights, gelatos and baked yummy goodness) is strategically placed at the front of the shop and anyone who bypasses it without succumbing to the temptation is either blind, hates all good/worthwhile things in life or has iron-man willpower. Surprisingly and proudly, Ash and I were the latter but all the more reason to revisit DT again (and very soon).

**** out of 5



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