It’s All Relative in the 50s

It’s the 1950s- Yahtzee was just introduced, colour television was the most technological forward gimic anyone could get and air conditioning? What’s that?

No, okay fine it’s 2011- it’s hot and muggy and sitting outside you risk being fried alive and air conditioning definitely exists now but not in this joint- Aunties and Uncles that is.

It’s the type of place that could keep you occupied, if you’re a serious starer like me, for hours on end. From the old wallpaper to the knick-knacks that bring you back to a time when even you did not exist but have only heard about- it’s certainly an era thing.

While the location is set right downtown in between the Dees, liquid bars and Chinatown, you could hardly notice the hustle and bustle of it unless you walked to the corner end and peered out. It’s a supreme location- central yet quiet.

The inside was set up as if you were at your aunt and uncles. However, I doubt that this design was more on purpose but due to lack of space and funds. They, however, do a great job of disguising this fact though (again with the memorabilias and artifacts of that decade).

The staff and food were better than you would expect a small kitchen of this size to create. The menu itself was short, limited but the items were unusual and generally made-up for its lack of choice (such as: challah bread, aioli, chutney, curry, dried mango ingredients). Aunties and Uncles, definitely not a place where salt & pepper shakers are refilled but my chicken BLT was juicy, tender and not dry and stiff at all- a rarity!

The 50s were an era of flavorful music, new discoveries and on the cusp of new conveniences and Aunties and Uncles is a great place to grab a bite, heck I may even try the patio next time but deep down, I’m a 90s chick!

***1/2 out of 5



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