8 Questions on Reading

The last book I read that I would never recommend reading is/are:

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. This book irritated me very much. I enjoy books with different points of view but this was too much. into the waterPaula Hawkins wrote from ten different perspectives and from three different periods in time. It was exhausting and every chapter after the next was unmemorable and frankly, a big waste of time.

What motivates me to read is:

My need to always be reading anything. I am a thinker and sometimes my thoughts overwhelm me and require distraction. Racing_mindReading to me provides a way for me to escape the world around me (as lovely or sometimes as awful as the world around us can be). Reading is an individual journey but can, at the same time, be shared with someone else.

I want a book to:

Make me feel like I’m not reading at all. While I am a lover of language, the power of the written word and how it forms our thoughts and expressions- it’s the books that make you forget you’re reading words on a page; the book that’s got you racing, page after page, to the very conclusive ending that truly gets me excited.

Books make me feel…

True joy- good books only though. joyBad books remind me of being in high school and being told what to read. There is nothing worse than being told what you have to read and even worse, when the book sucks and you cannot UNREAD or STOP.

The section of the newspaper that I visit first is:

The entertainment page if I have to say which section first but I do pay attention to the major news headlines, local news and the advice column.

I am a fan of reading…

Anything but fantasy, sci-fi and young adult. I love memoirs, historical fiction, chicklit, biographies and contemporary fiction. awardI tend to gravitate towards real-life or relatable stories. My sister tells me that if a book subject includes rape, war, depression, polygamy and/or the holocaust I will read it. And she isn’t wrong!

I get book recommendations from:

Just about everywhere! I have a running TBR list that is longer than most doctors’ CVs! I get book recommendations from television shows, subway posters, book store feature shelves, random lists reading on bus(New York Times, every bestsellers list etc), magazines, bathroom stall scrawls, what people are reading on the bus, Goodreads’ newsletters, the best bets section at my local library, previously-read authors’ new books, the newspaper, book blogs and I’m sure plenty more places that I am not able to think of right now.

The last few books I read that I would recommend are:

Every book I have written a good review for on my blog including the one I’m reading now, Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips. 


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