Happy New Y… Zzz

New Year’s eve, unlike a lot of the other holidays, is recognized by everyone. No matter what religion or sect you belong to and no matter what calendar you subscribe to, it’s evident that when the world clock strikes midnight on December 31, we all as humans usher in the excitement of the new year; often with joy and anticipation of what’s to come.

Typically these celebrations range from mild at-home champaign cheers to wild house parties and freezing your buns off outside (all depending on your age). Needless to say, those wild crazy days of mine are over- for the sole purpose that my skin is older, thinner and wrinklier, and thus unable (nor am I willing) to suffer through a cold winter evening celebrating outside (heck, I don’t even like feeling cool air on my neck inside let alone just getting on/off transit on a night like last night).

No- my husband and I opted for a lovely dinner reservation at a nice restaurant in our new neighborhood and watched a romantic episode of zombies eating humans alive (Fear the Walking Dead that is, simply because we enjoy watching TWD and have never seen this series). Our My plan was to fall fast asleep before the clock turned midnight and luckily by 11pm we were all zombied out.

Another reason I opted to stay in this year is because New Years eve, while recognized by everyone, is one of the loneliest and depressing holidays of the year (I think). It’s one of the reasons I typically dread this particular time of year when it comes around. It’s generally an occasion that is more commonly celebrated with people and if you don’t have anyone to share in this one hyped-up special night with, you end up feeling dejected and alone. Not to mention, most of us always have these sky-high expectations of how awesome this night is supposed to be, when in reality you’re either fighting traffic, the cold, or some drunk at the club who spilt his drink on you!

So here’s to hoping you had a memorable new year celebration but if you didn’t, maybe next year lower those expectations: do what you really want to do instead of going with the crowd (unless that’s what you want to do) and reflect on the positives of the year past and look gleefully toward the coming 12 months- before you gotta do it all over again!

Happy New Year everyone!

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