Happy Halloween!

halloweenSo we’ve finally (I say this with a hint of tired sarcasm) reached that time of year again, where I watch TV with the remote gripped in my hand, ready to mute or switch the channel whenever a terrifying promo comes on about a horror movie.

When I was a kid, I had mixed emotions about this holiday. I loved candy (and FREE candy at that!) as much as the next kid, in fact, probably even more. But the idea that we had to get dressed up as scary characters and walk around the neighborhood in the numbing cold, to beg for candy was just not something that ever appealed to me.

I just always remember dreading my costume because it was bound to be a silly dollar store mask of a clown, Super Mario Princess or something home-made. One year I went as a homeless person- yes, I know what you’re thinking. Nowadays that would be completely insensitive and perhaps controversial. Back then though we lived in more of an ignorant, ‘anything goes’ era. I picked it also because I knew it would be the “costume” that required the least amount of effort on my part. So I simply ripped some holes in my sweatpants and messed up my hair and called myself a “bum”.

My parents, being relative newcomers to the country, were still getting familiar with all the different western holidays so I don’t think they ever really understood or cared about this particular custom. And so, my memories of Halloween generally only include trick-or-treating with my grade-school bestfriends and their parents. Perhaps because of this, I have grown up to be quite indifferent about this time of year.

I vow to be different for my kid though. How that translates, I am sure I will find out soon but it won’t be today. Why? Because she’s only six months! The most Halloween thing I’ll be doing is putting her in a Halloween onesie and adding the photo to her baby book to commemorate her first scary holiday!

As for the rest of the neighborhood kids, my husband and I will be doing what most people do (by “people” I really mean those of us who lack sleep and thus, joy in our hearts): we will be turning down our lights at six, locking our porch door and hiding from the ghouls and goblins of the neighborhood. Sorry, maybe next year!!

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