New Normal?

“She what??” I furiously texted my sister back as we sat in our own individual cars parked side-by-side. “What do you mean she double-booked?

My sister and I had been dreaming about this day for some a long ­time now. After a year and a half, we were finally getting our haircuts! Those of us in Canada are just beginning to get back into the swing of things- with caution, of course. We were so ready to say goodbye to dull scissors, shaggy dos and lopsided bangs. We even set our alarms, woke up early and made sure our husbands were available to mind the children so we could sneak off for some much-needed me time. 

We had arrived at the salon and parked ourselves out front. “Ugh, she said she forgot and booked someone else at the same time but if we wanted to, we could wait a bit.”

I could tell from my sister’s text she would’ve waited forever for this hair appointment. My sister had escaped the shackles of her prison and desperately needed a break, and we both longed to look like ourselves again. Luckily, ‘forever’ wasn’t in our cards. The hairdresser called back and told my sister she could come up in 20 minutes and I could follow 10 minutes later. Hallelujah!

A little while later, I sat down and leaned back as the stylist began washing my hair. It felt familiar and bizarre at the same time. Bizarre because were these chairs always this uncomfortable? The only thing that kept me from getting up abruptly was knowing I was only going to be there for one wash cycle. Just when I thought the chair was the worst of it, an eagle landed on my head and started sharpening its talons against my skull- at least that’s what it freakin’ felt like when the stylist started shampooing my hair! It had been so long since someone else had washed my hair, I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. I either thoroughly enjoyed it or I am quite possibly scarred for eternity. At one point, if I closed my eyes, I could envision the large bird of prey giving me one last kick in the head before gently helping me up from the chair torture chamber. I think it’s safe to say, as a general public, our haircutting standards have plummeted drastically during this pandemic. I’d take a kick in the head by the damn eagle a thousand times over if it meant my husband didn’t have to cut my hair with his trembling hands and wavering eyesight again.

How about you, have you experienced any pre-pandemic normalcy yet? What was that like? 

*This was inspired by Jim Borden’s funny post of his own visit to the hairdresser.

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32 thoughts on “New Normal?

  1. Yes, I just got my hair cut on Monday! I had the opposite experience and melted into that shampoo chair. When she started massaging my scalp I really never wanted it to end. I’m so sorry you had eagle talons in your scalp! 🦅🤣 I’ve been doing date night dinners and that’s been nice too. Return to the movie theater wasnt great. I was so excited for popcorn and it tasted TERRIBLE! 🤮 Which was a huge bummer. But we saw Black Widow, so amazing, so that made up for it! 🕷❤️

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    • I swear I felt a thwack lol I was like… “What in the heck?? 🤔😒😑” but I wasn’t about to complain. Lol.. The first patio dining experience was heavenly, was so great to be out and eat a lovely meal! Can’t wait to venture out to the movies at some point! 🙂

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  2. I know exactly what you mean about pre-pandemic normalcy. We went on a short road trip over the weekend. We drove on a highway we’ve been on a thousand times before and just knew what was at each exit. It seemed so normal to talk about where we’d be stopping, as if we hadn’t been at home for 16 months.

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  3. That last line about your husband’s trembling hands is hilarious!! 😀
    Well, I’ve been toying with getting a pixie. Right now my hair’s chin-length but I cut it, and it doesn’t look all that great. But I’ve been cutting it on my own for years now, just because I can. [Shrug.] Now I don’t know! 😀 Eagle talons? HA H AHAH HA! Oh my. And I’m “tenderheaded”. This is what I’ve been told. They had a Tenderheart Care Bear, but why not a Tenderhead one? 😀 I’m glad you didn’t have to wait long for the torture! 😀 Silver lining there!

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  4. I broke early on the haircut. I have short hair so I was the one masked up in my hair person’s garage with the door closed. She was in a homemade hazmat suit! I’m not sorry. There was not wash or styling.

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  5. How funny. Going back to get her hair done was a big deal for my wife. I don’t think any eagles or talons were involved. One of those yearly Facebook notifications came up when I decided to shave my head during the pandemic. I was always curious what I’d look like without hair and what better time than a pandemic to give it a whirl? I figure if it was terrible, I’d be hanging out mostly at home anyway. It was passable other than the blinding white skin. I kept it that way for 4-6 weeks and then let it grow back out. I loved rolling out of bed and not having hair like Doc from Back to the Future for a bit.

    Normalcy has returned in many ways for us, though Covid cases are on the rise in some parts of the country with the variant. My wife and I have taken two trips (including planes). Tomorrow I’m heading out with a buddy for a couple of days (no blogging for me) while my wife’s sister comes up for a visit. Not taking any of life’s simple pleasures for granted.

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  6. Haha my husband’s hair is like yours, easy to maintain.. He never used to let me shave it but one day in mid April last year he gave in and handed me the buzzer and let me have at it… Looks pretty good I think… Not sure if he really needs to spend the money to get the same effect at a barber but that’s his call lol…

    Yes, I heard about the unfortunate increase in cases down there… Wishing you guys all the best and safe travels!!!! 🙂


  7. It’s definitely such a strange feeling getting used to doing the normal things, especially as in the UK now all the mask rules have been lifted. Such a strange world we live in now! You go girl getting your hair cut, treat yourself! Xxxx

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  8. For the first time in 2yrs, I got a non-self-chop haircut a week ago. I splurged and added hair coloring. It did not turn out as well as it should… the color is brassy and the layers are poor. I won’t be going back to that person.

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