Jingle All the Way

I’ve created new traditions for my own family and one of them is listening to Christmas music as soon as the weather changes. I say when ‘the weather changes’ only because in Toronto, we could literally have interchanging late summer and early winter weather here on any given day between September and November.

I find Christmas music, everything from classical to popular, to be quite polarizing. Some people love Christmas music, some hate it, and some only want it around during the holidays. I see it from both ends. I used to work retail and the same songs would be blasted over and over, day in and day out. It got to be quite exhausting as I started to associate it with angry, hurried customers during the seasonal rush.

However, since happily ditching that industry, my love for Christmas music has returned (with fury, might I add). I have some favourites I could listen to all year round but have relegated them for just the holidays to prevent depreciation. I find when something is cherished and enjoyed in moderation, the more coveted it becomes.

Thus, I wanted a share my Ultimate Christmas song list c/o Spotify. Not that anybody asked, but you’re welcome. Enjoy! (For everyone else who despises Christmas music, have a good day. Do come back next Wednesday!)

Do you like Christmas music? What’s your favourite Christmas song?




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37 thoughts on “Jingle All the Way

  1. I LOVE that u geek out on Christmas music and I frankly don’t understand anyone who doesn’t! 🤣 I LOVE Buble’s Christmas album and my favorite of his is “Christmas Baby Please Come Home.” Also have you heard “Oh Santa” by Mariah Carey? I discovered that one in a retail store actually, ha, so that awful music is good for something I guess🤷🏼‍♀️And oh I’m excited to listen to that Meghan Trainor one! And lastly, I love the Holly Jolly Christmas version by Lady A, it’s so pretty. Do u like? Anyway, great list, thanks for sharing! And Omg sorry for exploding eggnog glitter all over your comment section 😬🌲🦄🎁 PS I had goosebumps (not from the cold but from the magic) reading this whole post I dunno why 🌺🌺🌺

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    • Hahaha thanks Libby! I love your enthusiasm for Christmas music 🙂 I have not heard any of the songs you listed but that’s only bc I’m a hermit when it comes to music lol I tend to only listen to what I know and I’m stuck in my 90s era LOL

      Will look for those songs! If you haven’t listened to Silent Night by Suzie McNeil from my list, please have a listen! It’s my favourite version of Silent Night! 💕😍🎶

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  2. My husband loves Christmas music. His favourite album Carrie Underwood’s. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music because I’m usually tired of listening to it year after year. I prefer instrumentals and piano music of these same songs, if anything!

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  3. I love Christmas music. Honestly, in today’s crappy atmosphere, it brings me joy. It also lets me give the every-day music a break. I love Leona Lewis’ One More Sleep. It’s on my list, too. I also love Serena Ryder’s Calling to Say. I have Mariah’s two CDs in my car that I put on rotate throughout the month.

    It’s quite depressing when it’s all over, because we have to sit through three months of grey, cold, snow, etc., before spring rolls around.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your Christmas playlist. It has a lot of the same songs as mine with a few that I’m not familiar with. I will give it a listen!

    I love Christmas music, although I tend to only listen to it starting mid- to late-November. I don’t want to get tired of it by the time Christmas comes around.

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  5. All sorts are my choices. Last year I thought it would be an easy break from regular blogs to do an Advent Calendar. It wasn’t, but it was fun looking up YouTube and choosing some very different music. I like rousing carols and The Carol of the Bells by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is BIG and fun to watch, they are enjoying themselves and so do we! Take a trip to the past with Correli’s beautiful Christmas Concerto and then there is the moving melancholy of Bethlehem Down, written for a Carol competition by an impoverished Peter Warlock ( his creepy pseudonym ) a hell raiser who died tragically young. My retail music from a Christmas season in Harrods’ toy department? They played Scott Joplin all the time and his music is forever associated with that Christmas – happy music; also the year an IRA bomb exploded inside the store, but everyone was safely evacuated. Now it is time for me to get out my Xmas CDs!

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  6. I think retail is hard most of the year, but it gets particularly nuts around the holidays. I recently read an article about the ridiculous amount of merchandise stolen during this season. I can imagine how Christmas music would get old if you were around it all day. I like the Wham version, but one of the other bloggers I follow introduced me to this version of Last Christmas that I find quite enjoyable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvAbKoKYTfE&t=13s

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    • Yes, retail can be a drag at the best of times! I worked at Levi’s and some of the thieves were quite ballsy back then.. It’s only getting worse now!

      Thanks for the recommendation, Pete! Will give it a listen 🙂

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  7. You’re right that Christmas music is polarizing. I try to never discuss it because somehow someone will get pissy. I like Christmas music at Christmastime and am happy with most of it for a few weeks, then no more. Your playlist looks perfect.

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