Year in Review: Writing Prompts from Past Blog Posts

I could look back on this year and say it was the second year of the pandemic, but I would much prefer to look back and refer to it as the year I wrote (a lot). It wasn’t a smooth road; I hit some roadblocks and tripped a ton along the way. Some days it was more of a struggle than a passion, but my consistency paid off because now I have a large collection of work from the past year. 

My regular readers may have noticed that my posts this month have been lighter (in topic) than usual. I am trying to give myself a bit of a break during the holidays, so I thought the last post of the year would be perfect as a review of past blog topics. While I’m at it, I thought, I could turn them into writing prompts to inspire others to write more in the new year! Lord knows, I tend to struggle with what to write about once every few weeks.

When I’m stuck, I tend to look up prompts myself. So, I’ve scanned my past posts to create a list of writing prompts based on things I’ve written about in the past year. Feel free to click on the italics within each prompt to link to that corresponding post if you wish.

You could write about…
Your love language

What drives you to write
That time you quit and it was the best thing you ever did
What life with a toddler is/was like
A time when everything went awry
The quirks in your relationship
A generalization that irks you
A teacher that inspired you
That one time you got into a physical fight
What makes you unique
A bad habit you’re trying to shake
What your first year of the pandemic was like
How you feel about getting older
That time you went on a scary adventure
The relationship you have with your sibling(s)
The first teachable parenting moment
Things you never thought you’d say
The things that are currently holding you back
How your childhood has shaped you into a better person
A question you’ve always pondered
Succeeding on your own terms
The time you did something that scared you to death
The first normal thing you did since the pandemic started
Motherhood: Fantasy vs. Reality
A time in your life when you were so overwhelmed
Your views on your marriage (then vs. now)
A place you visited recently that blew you away
What you hope to teach your children
A colourful family adventure
Your hopes and dreams for your family
Finding contentment
How your upbringing shaped who you are 
How you stay organized and on top of life 
One of your earliest childhood memories
How you handle emergencies 
Where you came from 
That time when you finally got what you had been wanting so badly
Your feelings surrounding death and goodbyes
The most important lesson everyone needs to learn early
A Christmas catastrophe
Your family’s holiday traditions

As you can see, my blog has no specific niche. Instead of confining myself to a box to attract as many readers as possible, I decided that I’d sacrifice the amount of readers for genuine followers. Thank you to all those who supported my little blog this year. I couldn’t ask for a better community to be a part of! Whether these prompts help you out in your writing journey or not, I’m glad you stopped by. 

Happy writing & Happy New Year!  

44 thoughts on “Year in Review: Writing Prompts from Past Blog Posts

  1. As I think you already know, your writing style attracts me to blogs like yours. As a wannabe writer, I follow many other writers, but I get quickly bored with those who blog about nothing but their latest reviews or advertisements for their books. Intriguing content and engaging with others are what make people want to respond. Your posts always do that, which Is why I frequently leave extended comments. The best of luck to you and your family in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks so much, Pete! Admittedly, I do look forward to your input so the feeling’s mutual!

      Your support and encouragement (as someone whose writing I admire) this past year has been so wonderfully helpful in my journey! It’s given me confidence to continue even on days when I struggle with what to write! All the best to your family in 2022 as well! 🙏👌❤️

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  2. This is fantastic! I often find my mind is either racing with too many competing ideas or just completely silent. I am bookmarking this to come back to when I need to inspirations. Thank you!! I hope the year to come is good to you!! ❤️

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  3. I’m not just thankful for the writing prompts which serve as inspiration for my own posts, but also I’m impressed at how much effort it must’ve taken to search for your content and hyperlink them all. Happy New Year, and here’s to a smashing 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes, it did take quite a bit of time but I enjoyed the process because I got to review my work and be proud of how far I’ve come! Thanks so much for your support this year and all the best to you in 2022! 🎊🎉🤗


  4. Wow; are you right. There are so many great topics here! I’m all for variety, too, which shows on my blog. 😀 I went for a parenting-only blog two years ago but it was so much more difficult to grow and find time for.

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  5. These writing prompts ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing them. I also google writing prompts to help me when I’m stuck so I’m looking forward to using some of these 🥰 and looking forward to being another follower

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