I Won the Lottery

One of my favourite things to do is dream about winning the lottery. I love going over the what if/if only scenarios of life. My husband and I often play this game where we decide what we would do with our winnings and the options are endless! But back to reality, okay fine, I didn’t actually win the lottery (sorry for that clickbait title, I couldn’t help it). I guess I won the equivalent of the lottery (at least to me). I gave myself a break: a guilt-free day off. To a middle-aged, married, working mother (of one preschooler), that’s the equivalent of freedom.

I know to some that seems inconsequential, tiny even. But for me, right now, it’s a dang breath of fresh air. I didn’t realize it, but I had been needing a day to myself for a while now. I kept putting it off thinking, well I work from home so that’s sort of like having the day to myself, but in reality, those days are more headless-chicken-frantic than namaste-Zen. A lot of us are still working from home so the lines between work and personal life are continually blending together. How do we begin to draw lines and separate boundaries? Mostly on work-from-home days, I end up feeling like I’m working two jobs: my regular 8-4 and then trying to catch up on household chores as the clock winds down to school pick-up time. It always shocks me how fast time flies on those days.

Here’s the thing, self-care is so important during normal times, but during pandemic times, I think it is even more crucial. But even knowing this, I still had a hard to time seeing it. I finally recognized that I was denying myself a true break because in my mind I was minimizing my life and the importance of that personal time. Unadulterated personal (me-alone) time to do whatever the heck I felt like.

So, I went to bed last Wednesday night knowing the next day was going to be a usual work-from-home day. But before I could even get out of bed on Thursday morning, I decided I’d give myself that day off I had been desperately needing. (Side note: I do realize how privileged this is. I know not everyone has the ability to give themselves a day off so I can appreciate that nuance here.) I made a quick mental list of all the things I wanted to do and all the things I had to do for me to feel like I was in a good place mentally (for me, these are the nagging chores I keep deferring like washing the floors or giving the ensuite shower a good scrub).

One of the things I also wanted to do was run to my local Starbucks to get some writing time in. I had been craving a good writing day away from the house and that day seemed like a perfect day as any. So, right after I dropped off Charlotte at daycare, I bolted to the café to make sure I’d get the coveted (distanced and isolated) corner table. Of course, I had to document this glorious day and share a photo with my friends but then things took a sharp turn- an embarrassing one.  

As I was sending the above photo to my Whatsapp group chat, I noticed an icon option I hadn’t seen before pop up while trying to share the content: “Share with Lucy.” That piqued my interest so I clicked on it thinking it would give me more information about who this Lucy was (perhaps it was a patient or work-related associate I had previously been in contact with) but to my horror, the screen indicated it had commenced sharing. My fingers pecked furiously at my phone trying to stop time but no matter what I pressed, it was not retracting the message. Within the span of ten seconds, my life flashed before my eyes. I had so many questions racing through my mind but ultimately realized what it was doing. I WAS ACTUALLY SHARING THAT PHOTO WITH ANOTHER PATRON IN THE EXACT CAFÉ I WAS SITTING IN! To say that I was mortified is the biggest understatement of my life.

Luckily, Lucy denied the file share. Thank you, Lucy. I managed to avoid eye contact with all three female patrons until I eventually left (three hours later). In the end, it gave me a good laugh and I let it roll off my back- no sweat. When I got home, after catching up on some of those long overdue chores, I plopped myself in front of the tv and started my paint-by-numbers project I’d purchased a few weeks back. It was such a lovely day!

What would you do if you had a day off from all your responsibilities and chores; if everyone was taken care of and no one needed anything from you? What would your day look like? 


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63 thoughts on “I Won the Lottery

  1. I am retired now but I used to give myself days off when I was working. That was after I could afford to do so of course. I found that they were so good for my mental health. Sometimes it was just a day to go back to bed and catch up on some sleep. Then stay there for a while and read a book. Definitely like winning a lottery.

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  2. Haha—thanks for the early morning laugh. What the hell am I doing up at this hour anyway?😆 Public humiliation is high on my list of entertaining events. I can just feel your angst. I’m sure I’d have been mortified if I were in your situation. I’d have been that guy not knowing what was going on with Lucy—a hostile takeover of my computer?

    Now I feel equally obligated to share a humiliating story. When I was a stupid college student, I used to play poker with a few buddies back in the day. At the end of the night (I’m pretty sure a little drinking was involved), we would offer the financial losers a chance to redeem their money through some excruciating task. My friends would tell you that this never happened to me because I won 90% of the time as I was an excellent poker player. A loser could get his money back by drinking some disgusting concoction of ingredients that we’d toss together from the refrigerator. (What great friends we were! 🤣🤣🤣) How about raw eggs blended with whip cream, catsup, mayonnaise, and orange juice? It’s a wonder we didn’t kill someone.

    Somehow I agreed (now I’m sure drinking was involved) to streak in the neighborhood four blocks, not thinking of the consequences. My friends (haha-who needs friends like this?) followed behind in a car, honking the horn and shining their brights on my lily-white buns. It’s a wonder I didn’t get arrested. Obviously, I never told my parents this story as they would have realized they were putting a degenerate through college.🤣 Let this be a lesson to you kids—there’s always time to turn your life around. 😂

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    • I saw your comment and my first thought was, what time is it out there in Cali??! lol… hahaha that’s a great story for the books.. Does your son know that one? I wonder what he thinks of it? hehe lol… also, you are a lot more like my husband than I realized lol he, too, is a poker player (a pretty good one, too) but I’m not sure any amount of drink could get him to run down the street in the buff lol… haha

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      • I don’t remember, though I suspect I never told him. I feel like that might be a story I break out at his bachelor party, but then I know he’d suggest a do-over. I’m afraid those days are over.

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      • haha, yes! My husband and I often come upon moments with Charlotte when we giggle to ourselves that we must save this funny memory for a re-telling at her wedding or something LOL just to embarrass her lol… is that cruel parenting? LOL

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      • Ryan has cataloged away every faux pas his parents have ever made in his memory bank. Of course, we also have our share of blackmail material that we used to tease him about passing on to a girlfriend.

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  3. 🤣🤣🤣 OMG!!! Atleast it wasn’t a weird photo that you were sending!! I am that type of girlfriend who shares ss of conversations on my girls group. Unfortunately I have on multiple occasions ended up sending the screenshot to the person whose conversation I had screenshot-ed. 🙈
    The embarrassing explanations that I have given to get out of those situations. 🙈

    Your self care day sounds exactly like mine. I usually pick a quiet cafe with outdoor seating and love working outdoors (till my laptops dies). I’m glad you had a fun and fruitful self care day. ❤️

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    • Yes! THAT was the second thought in my mind- THANK GOD IT WASN’T AN AWKWARD PHOTO!!! Can you imagine?? Oh the shame!!!

      Also, I have ALMOST done exactly what you described with the screenshots lol I have been caught a few times talking about someone else to that someone else accidentally lol… oooopsssss!


  4. We all need a mental health day once in a while. I think about this question a lot. I’d probably start the day with a cup of tea and catching up with reading some blog posts. Then, I’d head out for a long walk. After that, I’d read something non-fiction for a while. At some point, I’d run through and rehearse my songs. I’d make myself a nice lunch. Then I might head out for another walk. Does that fill the day?

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  5. Interesting enough, I recently finished The Artist’s Way activities. If you’re not familiar, in it, is a promise to do what’s called an artist’s date, where you take your artist (yourself) on a date once a week, no excuses. A lot of mine were at Barnes & Noble, reading and writing.

    and lol about Lucy! She probably did think you were a weirdo lol

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    • Omg that’s a great idea.. what was the thought behind that? To treat it as “work” so to speak? So that you make sufficient time in your life for this passion of yours? Either way, that’s a great way of looking at it. The worst part about Lucy is that if for some reason she was able to see the pic even though she declined it, she’d be able to identify me right away based on the picture within the same cafe LOL…oyy

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  6. First of all, congrats on the day OFF!!! You definitely deserve one and I hope you get another one soon! And second of all – whoever invented that random person share button is a PSYCHO!!!! The only people using that button are those of us that didn’t know what it was doing, OR, a creeper. No exceptions.

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    • So true, why would you want to share something with someone in a public space if you weren’t with them? And if you were with them then you’d already have them in your contact list.. no? LOL.. the heck…


  7. Hahaha, sounds like something I’d totally do (the Lucy part, even though the Starbucks part is my jam too). Kudos to you for sticking to it and not leaving instantly. I’d have disappeared quicker than the barista can mispronounce my name. What a great share. And now I’ll be super wary of any weird Share options.

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  8. HA HA HA! Geez, too bad Lucy didn’t accept the share! 😀 I’ve never had portable internet (box computer girl here), so I’m not sure I understand how that happens!! Weirdness!!

    I definitely think you deserve loads of time off! Your toddler is a handful, and you work a lot!! I’m glad you had a great day of rest and relaxation!! Go you!!

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  9. What a great question! I’d drink coffee in the morning without being interrupted. I’d write in the afternoon without being interrupted. I’d drink a glass or two of wine before dinner without being interrupted. I’d also go for a walk, play a few games on my phone, but pretty much I’d avoid human contact and groove along in my own world.

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    • Without being interrupted – YES! That’s huge!! When I was an angsty teenager, I’d refuse to speak to anyone before the hour of 11am LOL… sometimes I can still see a glimmer of that now LOL unfortunately having a child will force you to speak to your husband when you don’t want to lol

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  10. My late husband did shift work so once our youngest was at school we could plan week days out, but of course we had to make sure we were back in time to pick them up from school! Sometimes friends could pick them up. As they got older they had door keys and could look after themselves for a while.

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  12. After two years of Covid stress? I’m going with a day of pampering. Salon for a haircut and manicure, then an extremely long massage, ending the afternoon by a pool with hot cabana boys bringing me bottomless margaritas.
    P.S. Ally Bean sent me.

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    • Ohhhh that sounds delightful!! I love every bit of that! I am finally getting a long awaited massage on Thursday (but during work hours lol) so we shall see how that goes! Needed to use up my benefits and God knows I need that massage! Too bad they don’t serve fun drinks there lol.. thanks for stopping by!

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  13. Funny cafe moment you had there! 😆 I’ve been trying to give myself days off but I always have bad luck (weather, someone’s sick, etc..) so they haven’t been as enjoyable as I thought. Also, I put enormous pressure on myself to get everything done AND relax on those days, and in the end it’s only 8 hours, which isn’t nearly enough.
    (Ally Bean sent me over to your blog!)

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    • This is exactly how I feel every work-from-home day… the day seems to speed by! I can’t seem to catch my breath. I am always running around trying to finish the household chores, do my work-work and then try to fit in some relaxing time lol… But I gotta admit, that day off did a world of good for me! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Omg, this does sound like heaven! When I was on maternity leave with my daughter, Charlotte, that’s all I ever wanted to do, was walk the nurseries and look at all the blooming plants! 😀 Thanks for stopping by!


  14. At the moment it would look like a day of self reflection and mental health. It’s been a horrific two weeks in ways I seriously struggled to find the words for. I finally wrote about it and I feel slightly better? Yet not better at all. I think what I really need is a mental health vacation. We’ll go with that.

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  15. What a fun recuperative day without the mild heart palpitations the Lucy share thing must have given you.
    Winning the lottery is a nice dream and ease financial stress, but it might change so much and over complicate simple things. Would it bring more happiness? I am unsure.
    I will be in the alert for any sharing icons now especially in public places.
    Now being semi-retired, I plan to have more days where my schedule is geared around leisure activities. A reward for years of hard work, I hope.
    I hope you find more me time as well.

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    • Aw, thanks! 🙂 Hearing you speak of heart palpitations really brings me back to that moment and the flushing of the cheeks… I felt extremely hot haha (yes, be watchful of that terrible sharing button- likely in any place with free wifi)!

      Being semi-retired sounds delightful, I can’t wait to have a bit more time dedicated to things I enjoy doing and am passionate about! Congrats to you and your years of hard work- your permanent break will be well-deserved for sure! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! 😀


      • It sounds trite, but so true, that time passes quickly. Especially the years with children in the house. It is hard for me to remember them all now. You work and work for years, then one day wake up and there you are, an older person, heading to retirement. It seems so speedy looking back from this perspective.

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