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I had a lot of weird quirks as a kid. Still do, in fact. One of those quirks is being chased. I hated playing games like tag and hide & seek. My preference was to give up and let fate take its course, assuming it was part of my destiny to be caught.

I feel like for the last 2+ years we’ve all collectively run from an invisible monster, scared of its potential doom. We did all we could to protect our family and ourselves from this beast; everything from masking-up to getting vaccinated (most of us, at least). And yet, it was still able to penetrate my sacred space, my home.

Remember those sniffles Charlotte had last week? That was Covid knocking on our door. We told it to buzz off, but it didn’t care. It’s now overstayed its welcome. There’s evidence of a strong take-down all over my house from garbage cans full of wadded tissues to unmade beds with restless sheets. We are isolating at home with varying symptoms, nothing too serious that would require immediate medical attention (how lucky we are is not lost on me).

We even celebrated Charlotte’s 4th birthday this week, as best as one can while fighting a nagging virus that won’t seem to let up. She had the greatest day though, at least I hope she did. This was her 3rd birthday celebrated within the suffocating confines of this pandemic. By now, she thinks it’s normal to have people sing you happy birthday on zoom while in completely different spaces.

As inconvenient as it has been to be infected with Covid this week (not that it’s ever convenient), I still feel blessed that we were able to keep it at bay as long as we have, while still living as normal a life as we have been. This would’ve been much scarier two years ago and if I am honest, I feel a bit of relief now that we’ve come face-to-face with this thing. It takes a bit of the scary out of it and now all we can do is focus on getting better.

Regardless of the changing guidelines, I hope for the sake of our families, our friends, and our communities, we will still all do our best to stay safe in public spaces. Most people who were affected by Covid made it through, but sadly that isn’t the case for everyone. It is still a raging, mutating virus that we don’t know too much about so each of us doing our part will help slow this thing down.

Have you been infected with Covid-19? If so, what was your experience like?

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39 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It

  1. Okay, so clearly not a laughing matter. I apologize for my flipness. (Apparently that’s not a word?) Anyhow, yes, I had Covid in January. It was a little unusual, as for me it started as the flu. It wasn’t until I was feeling better from that that the cold symptoms arrived. They weren’t severe, just long-lasting. I was the only one who got it (pro/con) so I had to be alone in my room for … 10 days or more? It got fairly old, except for discovering I could watch Columbo and Murder She Wrote for free on my phone. Always gotta find the silver lining. That you are now living through it and will survive and how that takes the scare away, is a good one. Hopefully there are more.

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    • Oh yours sounds more like a dream than my Covid version! LOL I would LOVE to be locked away from my family for 10 days LOL but instead we all got Covid and either I was the one who was able to power through the most or I got less of a hit than my husband…. when you’re all sick with Covid, there’s such a fine line between OMG I hope you’re not dying 😭 to can you get the heck up to help us with our child 😒 hahaha either way, Covid is not fun but luckily we are getting through… Thanks Betsy! 🙂

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  2. As far as we know, neither of us has had it. Our son, who lives in Montana, had it in 2021. His case was relatively mild. My next-door neighbor sadly passed from Covid. He was only in his early 50s. He held a strong anti-vax opinion, and I remember a conversation we had near the start of the pandemic where he told me it was all fake and that it would all go away after the election. He leaves behind a widow and an adult son. It seems that it didn’t have to go this way.

    Speedy recoveries to you and your family, Jen.

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    • Thank you, Pete! I really appreciate it. Very sad to hear about your neighbour. So tough in this time … sometimes I feel like we are all so divided yet going through the same thing… it’s too bad.. So glad you and your wife have been able to stay safe and that it was quite mild for your son! Hoping this phase passes quickly but either way, we have soup and cake for days! 🙂 Not too shabby!

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  3. Jen!!!! I’m sooooo freaking sorry you and your family are going through this. I haven’t contracted it yet and the numbers here in Pennsylvania are going up again ugh! So staying inside and not being social is what’s being called for again, and we must obey, I agree. What have your symptoms been like and how long have you been suffering? Sending you tissue wishes!!! xoxoxo 😷 🤒 🤕

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    • Thanks, Libby! My symptoms started out mild at first (runny nose, headache). My husband was bedridden for 2 full days but then started feeling exponentially better from then on, and Charlotte had a fever for 2 days and a very mild cough. Luckily for us, Charlotte got the mild version and recovered rather quickly, and when I started going downhill my husband was already on his way to feeling a whole lot better. I ended up getting really bad congestion (lots of pressure in my face) and a terrible cough. All symptoms are still lingering for me and I am currently (as I write this) on day 11. Stay safe!!

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  4. Gah, it’s so widespread now that I know more people who’ve had it than those who hadn’t. Sucks that it’s arrived at your home, but glad to see that things are going well, and that you’d even managed a celebration.

    I myself had a pretty mild version (relatively), even though I felt like death when I actually had it. But I agree, things could’ve been much worse, and the original version would’ve probably made swift work of me. Anyway, wishing you and your family all the best, and hope that everything clears out before your next post!

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    • Thanks Stuart! You’re right, it is so widespread now there’s really no running from it (it seems)! Glad you had the mild version, it’s honestly a lottery system it feels like, you just don’t know what version you’re going to get. Everyone’s symptoms varied in my household but luckily, Charlotte got the mild version! Glad you’re all recovered as well! 🙏


  5. I feel as if this is within all of our futures sooner rather than later unfortunately. I’m just so sorry it happened to yours! I’ve been extremely lucky thus far but I know in my gut that our luck is going to run out.

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  6. Feel better soon! Wishing you a speedy recovery – it caught up with me in February. Thought I’d get a mild version being a healthy fully vaccinated adult, but no. I ached so much even my eyelashes hurt, coughing until I couldn’t breathe and the worst was the fatigue. I slept for a week! Happy Belated Birthday to Charlotte!! 🥳

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    • Aww that sounds awful! I didn’t have much of the body aches but the congestion and cough is keeping my soul on fire! Can’t wait to be over this thing! Luckily, Charlotte had the mild version! Thanks for the birthday wishes 😀


  7. I hope you’re feeling better now Jen – what a rough few weeks you’ve had. Cases went down but are creeping up again here in SE Michigan. I’ve not had Covid yet. I have worked from home the past 11 years, so that helps me lessen the chance for infection. I’ve had my shots and wear the mask everywhere so I am very diligent. I know people are anxious to return to normal, but I don’t think we’re there for a while yet, especially with this new variant.

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    • Thanks & totally agree, we are not there yet! This variant that is currently circulating is so contagious, a lot of people in my close circle have gotten it (and I haven’t even seen them). It’s nuts! Stay safe, Linda!

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      • It’ll be a long while before everything is normal Jen. I was eligible for a second booster, so I got that today. Still masking up and being careful too. Hope you get rid of that nasty COVID soon.

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    • Yes, exactly… honestly I felt so much relief that we had caught it and that it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be (no, it wasn’t as mild as others have been reporting but it also wasn’t as serious as I was fearful of) so I’m just glad that phase of our lives is over with! That’s for sure! 🙂

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