About Me

The real me.

My name is Jen and I’m the creator of the Bosssybabe blog. Here’s a little about me: I’m married, have a daughter named Charlotte, and am very close with my two sisters. I live in Toronto, Canada.

I am passionate about writing and connecting with others through my blog. I started this site so many years ago but was never able to gain traction with my writing. I always had the urge to write but never felt motivated to move past my fear of judgment and failure. I was always scared of voicing my own opinions, worried about what others might think or how they might feel. But somewhere along my journey (amid this global pandemic), I decided that I wanted to drown out the outside noise and follow my heart.

I started to write a ton! And through my writing, I try to tell ordinary stories with extraordinary lessons (some humour injected in there doesn’t hurt either)! When I’m not mothering, working full-time, reading, eating bread, or falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, I’m likely writing!

Thanks for popping by!