“What’s with the name,” you’re wondering. Yes, at first glance it’s an odd choice of handle but I assure you there is purpose behind it.

It first came about when my boyfriend and I were dating and getting to know each other. As our relationship progressed, he began to see a tougher side of me; a side that probably was a bit more strong-willed and commanding than he expected (I like to also think, somehow, endearing too). “Jeez you’re so bossy, babe”, was a phrase I’d hear quite often from him. That moniker (coined by him, jokingly at first) has stuck ever since. I guess he liked that about me because we eventually got married! 

When I had genuine intentions of taking this writing thing more seriously I thought about changing the handle- I really did. I didn’t want to be viewed as juvenile or an unsophisticated writer. But then I delved deeper into why I couldn’t seem to let the name go (besides the fact that I didn’t want to search for another meaningful and available name for a new blog). 

I’m a middle child (for all the middle children out there, this might be enough explanation) and for as long as I could remember I needed to be in control. Whenever I am in my comfort zone, you can always count on me to be the most honest (for better or for worse), outspoken, or assertive person in the room. There’s nothing wrong with women who are decisive about knowing what they want, yet sometimes society deems these women as cold, unfeminine, or even bossy. I wanted to reclaim that label. I’m proud of being loud and I feel no shame about having an unpopular opinion than what may be trending at the moment. 

So, what’s in a name? Lots! Stick around and find out. Get to know me while I journey through life as an imperfect human trying to balance marriage, motherhood, work, and my many passions.