19 Things About Me You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know

1. I can’t smell and don’t understand the concept of smell.
2. I consider myself pretty lucky. pexels-skitterphoto-675960
3. I don’t like to be chased. I’d rather let you “get” me.
4. I love all things cow- only the animated ones though.
5. I have issues.
6. I snore (am working on this problem).
7. After dark, don’t talk about ghosts even if they are as far away as America!
8. Things that are round-brown really make me want to gag.
9. I am surprisingly passionate about money-saving philosophies.
10. I try to appreciate the little things; I try to not take for granted what I have and the people in my life.
11. I like to lick all the flavour off each individual chip before I eat it.
12. When I get McDonald’s take-out, I like to close the bag super tight so my fries can steam up and get soggy.
13. I enjoy green foods. I don’t like anything with seeds. 
14. I “enjoy” things a lot.
15. I erase, delete, ignore and cut people out. I should stop but I can’t- see #5.
16. I love to make others laugh. 
17. Reading is legit. Writing is everything.
18. Paper makes me happy. Life without paper would be war-crime.
19. I always look for the silver lining. It can be annoying but there should be no other options.