Monthly Recap: July 2017


This new ‘Monthly Recap’ series captures daily (well, almost daily) celebrations around the world. It’s an eclectic collection of bizarre observances and hilarious commemorations of the past month. Check out my blog on a regular to see what we’re celebrating each day (well, almost)! After all, there’s an international day for everything isn’t there?!


July 6, 2017

Today is, believe it or not, Umbrella Cover day. When I heard about this I thought it was a made-up day to commemorate something as useful as the exterior shower curtain (NOT useful at all, btw). For those of you who are not posh enough to own an exterior shower curtain, it’s the second curtain that falls outside of the tub for aesthetic purposes. You would think that its main purpose is to add an extra shield to prevent water from escaping the shower area but if you think about it, it only actually directly backs-up the interior curtain. Thus, providing no extra coverage at all. Still reading? I’m shocked because this is the most boring topic I’ve ever written about and that’s my POINT.. UMBRELLA COVERS?! What the H. Christ??? umbrella coverWho cares!! But apparently, plenty do! There’s actually a website for these bizarre people who collect the umbrella covers and apparently a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of someone who owns the most umbrella freaking covers! Congratulations lady- you have collected a large, useless amount of fabric that does nothing, for no good reason. Continue reading

8 Questions on Reading

The last book I read that I would never recommend reading is/are:

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. This book irritated me very much. I enjoy books with different points of view but this was too much. into the waterPaula Hawkins wrote from ten different perspectives and from three different periods in time. It was exhausting and every chapter after the next was unmemorable and frankly, a big waste of time. Continue reading

December 5, 2015

What do you say about one of the people you love the most in this world? I could tell you how wonderful she is, how caring and thoughtful she is to her family and how loyal she is to her friends and those dearest to her; that her sense of self is more solid than anyone I’ve ever met– that her abilities are endless. But that wouldn’t be a fun speech. It would be a nice speech but not a fun one.

So let’s start from the beginning. Growing up with Liz was pretty unmemorable I have to say. She always kept to herself and minded her own business- so much so that Helen and I didn’t even really notice her until we were about 4 and 6 years of age. Me 4, Helen 6 that is. Liz was always a quiet and patient child. She was carefree and simple-natured. If she ever thought something was unfair or felt an injustice inflicted upon her she would make her feelings quietly known but then quickly move on. That’s the thing about Liz– she has a unique resilience and a quiet strength about her.

Which is the exact opposite of who I know her to be today.

For those of you who know her well too, you’ll often recognize her singular brand of tough-love. A barrier that is extremely difficult to puncture. She doesn’t allow others to feel sorry for themselves which is very difficult for me, as I often feel very sorry for myself. She finds ways to remind you how short life is, how privileged we are but sometimes her words are a little harsher than she intends them to be. Here are some examples of our past exchanges on every day subject matters:

Me: I don’t want to eat that.
Liz: That’s all we have you little Baluga.

Me: It’s freezing out! I’m so cold.
Liz: That’s because you have no soul.

Me: He doesn’t like me.
Liz: Who cares, nobody does. Move on.

Me: I didn’t get the job.
Liz: You’ll get another one. Stop being a cry baby.

Me: I’ve been sick for over a week…
Liz: That’s because you’re a diseased weakling.

As harsh as her words are sometimes, you can almost, almost (sometimes you have to try real, real hard) to see the nugget of compassion in her words. She really just wants you to stand up to life and stare fear in the eyes and let the chips fall where they may. And just accept it like a champ.

And thus, my ability to function as a human being on as high a level as I do today, is fully credited to her. She is not only my little sister- she is my caregiver, my reality check, my rock and clearly, as per the examples above- my bully. And so, I thank her- for if there was no her, there would be less of me.

I’d now like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Liz and Adam, to thank two very important people. For without these two people, there would be no union to celebrate. And these two people are: myself and Camille. You see, Liz met Adam through Mike who was at the time dating Nikki (now married) who was introduced by Rita who is our friend and also Mike’s brother Mat’s wife. So you see, if not for Cam and I, none of you would be here on this day, drinking unlimited free booze. You’re all very welcome.

Until Liz met Adam, there was only one person in Liz’s life that was as obsessed with her as he is today. That person is me. So Adam, I hope you can forgive me for how protective I was of Liz when you both first started dating. Not so much protective of her heart, but more so protective of our time together. I am not certain of much- but I do know this – two people as in love as you two are, should never be separated, not even by me, not even for a minute. You are the mate to her soul.

And finally, I’d like to officially welcome Adam into our family. Not only have you always been there for Liz, but you have always been a strong member of this family, even from the beginning. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Heck, you blend in so well sometimes I forget you’re white and we’re Asian.

So, what do you say about one of the people you simply cannot live without? You say that she is simply the best person you know.

A toast- may you both always remember this day and remember how well I spoke of you two but most of all, how much love is in this room. To love, laughter and happily ever after. To Liz and Adam!

Generation Z

Remember when we were kids and all we ever heard from our elders were annoying phrases like “when I was your age” or “I was lucky if I had” or “back in my day this didn’t even exist”. Back then (this was the early to mid-90s) I remembered thinking that I will never be able to say phrases like that to my kids because I felt like we, as a society, had reached our peak. I don’t know where this thought came from because laughably I had no idea about life or anything else for that matter. I believed, from the little knowledge I had at that age, that society had developed so much within the last 50 years that I could not imagine ever reaching another time in history where there would be a more drastic change in technology, lifestyle, media, communication and way of living within a span of 50 years again. I learned a few things since those days: don’t limit yourself and have a better imagination.

This got me thinking about all the things I would be telling my future kids or even anyone today who was born after the year 2000. I’ll be honest- compiling this list brought back a lot of hilarious memories and was so much fun!

Back in my day:

-the Internet was only available at home and only after you “dialed up”
-payphones were used and when cellphones came into the picture, they were the length of size 13 men’s shoes
-listening to the radio for hours on end just to cut out the commercials to make mixed tapes for someone meant that you cared (A LOT!)
-videos were only watched on tv (not on your phone or tablet)
-tablets were pills
-as a teenager you roamed the mall to hand out your resume when you were looking for a job
-blackberrys were just fruit
-if you needed to look up someone you used phonebooks instead of facebook
-face-stalking would have literally meant stalking ones face
-text were the writings in a book
-maps didn’t talk to you
-if you were curious about something you had to ask someone, go to the library or look it up in an encyclopedia because the definition of “google” is the number 10 raised to the power 100, not the world’s most convenient internet search engine
-if you had a bluetooth you really needed to see a dentist
-if you forgot to record your favourite show and you were out, you had to run to the nearest payphone to call home (hope they weren’t on the internet) and ask them to press record for you and force them to watch whatever it was you wanted to record
-when you told someone to meet you somewhere specific you just hoped they’d be there because there was no way of reaching them on the go

In Memory of Heroes

Ten years ago today I woke up to get ready for school and turned on the television to check the weather and instead saw what only could be described as something I never thought I’d see. Good Morning America had an image of a plane flying into one of the World Trade Centres. The world was in disbelief- this, one of the defining moments of this generation.

My first thought was that we were watching actual footage of a plane experiencing engine failure but reports started streaming in on every channel that it had been the second hit and that it had been an alleged (at that time) terrorist attack- four jet airliners had been hijacked- I was shaken and terrified.

I remember being glued to the television screen while dialing everyone I knew just to confirm that I was seeing what the whole world was seeing- what every channel was airing.

The world on this day ten years ago was not divided by country lines and oceans but brought together by humanity, compassion and courage.

For the millions of people affected by this terrible tragedy- from the victims and their families, the survivors, the firefighters and to the people of New York- we think of you and remember you all today.