Monthly Recap: July 2017


This new ‘Monthly Recap’ series captures daily (well, almost daily) celebrations around the world. It’s an eclectic collection of bizarre observances and hilarious commemorations of the past month. Check out my blog on a regular to see what we’re celebrating each day (well, almost)! After all, there’s an international day for everything isn’t there?!


July 6, 2017

Today is, believe it or not, Umbrella Cover day. When I heard about this I thought it was a made-up day to commemorate something as useful as the exterior shower curtain (NOT useful at all, btw). For those of you who are not posh enough to own an exterior shower curtain, it’s the second curtain that falls outside of the tub for aesthetic purposes. You would think that its main purpose is to add an extra shield to prevent water from escaping the shower area but if you think about it, it only actually directly backs-up the interior curtain. Thus, providing no extra coverage at all. Still reading? I’m shocked because this is the most boring topic I’ve ever written about and that’s my POINT.. UMBRELLA COVERS?! What the H. Christ??? umbrella coverWho cares!! But apparently, plenty do! There’s actually a website for these bizarre people who collect the umbrella covers and apparently a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of someone who owns the most umbrella freaking covers! Congratulations lady- you have collected a large, useless amount of fabric that does nothing, for no good reason. Continue reading