My Year of Writing (Part 2): What I Learned

So, I wrote for a whole year (read part 1 here). This is what happened and everything I learned.

I challenged myself.

You’re never too old to challenge yourself or dust off a dormant passion of yours. One of the toughest things about being a parent to a young child is that there are no sick days, weekends, or vacations from your job as a parent. Even when you have a ‘day away,’ you’re never really disconnected. Your mind wanders, you plan ahead, you think about all the things that still have to get done and what needs to be sacrificed in order to get said things done. For instance, you could have a Continue reading

My Year of Writing (Part 1) – The Hurdle & Why

I actually surpassed this mountainous milestone last year back in middle of December, but I decided against celebrating then. What if the celebration was a gateway into quitting or being less consistent? Okay, I’ve done it. I’ve proved I can do it, now I can quit! “Nope, not me,” I said. I didn’t want that stamina to dissolve. I was in a vulnerable place after all. The holidays were upon us, and I was lazy and overall unmotivated. Plus, covid was still around and barking up every bloody tree. I couldn’t trust myself with Continue reading

The Making Of

Here’s the thing- I’m not a lyricist or a singer but I love everything about music. Actually, singing karaoke in front of a group of people was once a crippling fear of mine. FACT. It kind of still is; I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable singing in public anytime soon. The closest I come to Continue reading

The Write Stuff

From where I currently sit, I can see out the living room window into my backyard. I enjoy this view because it’s not a distracting one (no scandalous neighbourhood antics in these parts) but also, my living room makes me feel at peace. It’s a calm and cohesive space (especially Continue reading