Why I’m Okay Being Chopped Liver (For Now)

When I was pregnant, early on before knowing the gender of our baby, I secretly wanted a boy. I know- as a mom, this is sort of one of those unspoken rules you’re never to speak of: never admit your favourite child and never say which gender you would have preferred first. Hear me out, though. My husband is a Continue reading

Have You Ever…

I had two working titles for this post and couldn’t decide which one to go with:

Lies We Tell Ourselves
Life in the Asylum

But I really wanted to title it, “Someone Help Me, Get Me Out of Here!” You know, as an obvious distress signal for immediate assistance.

Then I thought Continue reading

Fight to Win

“Do not, I repeat, do not make direct eye contact with her,” I half whisper-screamed play strategyat my husband before physically jostling him to shift his body so that his back was facing her. I knew his forlorn facial expression could give it all away. “You know, she can smell your weakness,” I imagined warning him. I wanted to gently (yet not so gently) slap his Continue reading