Water Your Own Grass

Opposites attract, the popular saying goes. If that’s true, well, then my husband and I are magnetic forces to one another because I’ve never met another person who is more the opposite of me. In most ways, we are opposite souls; yin and yang. But in other ways (I prefer to think the ones that matter most), we are exact carbon copies of each other. We seem to align perfectly on Continue reading

July Blogger Spotlight

Welcome to my series in which I spotlight one of my followers. I’ve always had a deep fascination with people: how they became who they are, the struggles they won, and the hard lessons they learned over time. All of these scars and stories make up a person’s life. While I think it’s important to reflect on your own journey, it is also equally important to hear other voices and see diverse perspectives. In this series, the spotlighted blogger will be able to tell their story through curated questions I’ve asked of them.

The blogger I chose to feature in this month’s spotlight is someone who I was introduced to from a previous blogger spotlight. One of the things I love about this series is the ability to get to know other bloggers within this infinite sphere of writers. She is a fellow Canadian (at birth and at heart), although, not by current location. Her patriotic loyalty to Canada pales in comparison to my own (as much as I am proud to be from here myself). She started her unique blog at the urge of her neighbor, as a way of “memorializing the people, places, and things I see on my daily walks.”

When I asked her if she would be interested in participating in this series, she quickly agreed and made herself available to me. From the moment we connected, she’s been nothing but lovely, thoughtful, and kind. I so appreciate her candor in the questions I’ve asked of her and she may have inspired me to start writing a post that I have been trying to write for a long time now (perhaps years).

Without further ado, I introduce you to Continue reading