Words Matter

I interrupt my regular posting schedule for this important message. This is an impromptu post. I received a negative comment that was the catalyst for this post. It was on my mind for a full day, and I felt the need to address it. I am sort of addressing the person who posted the comment but also, I am addressing any type of negativity online (or rather, the people who choose to perpetuate this conduct). There might be a place on the web for that kind of conduct (maybe), but it’s definitely not here. Continue reading

Be Kind.

This week’s post is going to be different and much of it will be in someone else’s words. Last week, 20/20 aired a two-hour special on the Turpin child abuse case. This case hits close to home because this is the field I work in. I help run a child abuse clinic and I work alongside clinicians (paediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers) who play a huge part in speaking for children who Continue reading