Conversations with a 4-year-old

Something happens when you become a parent, you feel the need to dole out advice where you can. I don’t think it’s in a way to one-up anyone, I think it’s more so to help others out. Somehow you’ve cracked the parenting code and you just want to share your wealth of knowledge. At least that’s the idea for most of us I think. I haven’t been at this parenting thing too long now, almost five years this coming April. Compared to one’s average lifespan, that’s just a blip in time. Therefore, I wouldn’t take much of what I’m spewing in this post too seriously. 

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Home (Collab Post)

After graduating post-secondary school, I went to a job interview where counseling was a huge component of the job description. It was an interview set-up that I had never experienced before. I found myself sitting in a nicely decorated, chic living room with 3 other women discussing life goals, regrets, mistakes, etc. To be honest it felt more like Continue reading

Motherhood: Fantasy vs. Reality (Collab Post)

I always knew I wanted to have children. Ever since I could remember, I often fantasized about being a mother. I thought about how I would raise my children; how I would dress them, teach them about gratitude and appreciation (I had visions of them writing thank you cards for birthday gifts), spending time together doing philanthropic work- I had all the fantasies. Even when I was single in my 20s for a full decade, the thing I feared most wasn’t the idea that I might not find my soulmate but more so fear around my single status hindering my ability to have a child. I was very close to exploring other avenues of having a child on my own before I fatefully met my husband.
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