Holiday Traditions

I didn’t grow up celebrating the holidays. As a mostly secular family, we did not belong to any of the religious groups that celebrated Christmas. Growing up, Christmas in our house was just another day of the week (except my parents happened to be off from work- usually). There were no build-ups to the holidays like Continue reading

Jingle All the Way

I’ve created new traditions for my own family and one of them is listening to Christmas music as soon as the weather changes. I say when ‘the weather changes’ only because in Toronto, we could literally have interchanging late summer and early winter weather here on any given day between September and November. Continue reading

All the Small Things

“Wow, 2020 has easily been the best year yet”… said no one ever! Actually that’s not true, I can think of a micro percentage of people who are probably riding high on this 2020 wave. The CEO’s of Lysol, Zoom, Moderna, and Amazon are doing great without a doubt. rising-stock-priceI wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla Continue reading

Happy New Y… Zzz

New Year’s eve, unlike a lot of the other holidays, is recognized by everyone. No matter what religion or sect you belong to and no matter what calendar you subscribe to, it’s evident that when the world clock strikes midnight on December 31, we all as humans usher in the excitement of the new year; often with joy and anticipation of what’s to come.

Typically these celebrations range from Continue reading