An Important Lesson on Empathy

I don’t have an extensive memory cache from my early childhood. I often confuse what I think I remember versus what I feel might have been a questionable recollection told to me by someone else. I have a handful of vivid memories from that stage in my life and the rest are hazy. My first day of kindergarten is one of those memories that I seem to have etched into my mind.

At that age, I had very little Continue reading

Forgive Me For I Have… Not Written

Well it’s been 300 years since my last post. My New Year’s resolution, I believe, was to blog more and I can’t help but laugh because so far, I would have to say my success rate is near zero. The person I’m asking forgiveness from is actually myself. I write for me and aim to satisfy my need to fully express myself and be understood on a daily basis.

When I set out to create this blog, I had Continue reading