Happy Birthday Liz!

“Pleeeaaassseeeee Liz”, what can I say…
It’s how I start and end my sentences each day.
It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem.
This, here, is my tribute to you,
To try to get you to stay home.
I know no matter how many cards I write;
No matter how many words I rhyme,
They will never really express my gratitude for you-
For your willingness, humour and time.
You always make me see the light-
To appreciate the good, forgive the bad
And to forget what may or might.
I never can stay mad at you
Because you always know
Just what to say and what to do.
You make fun of the way I say Tuesday
And imitate me and how I lay.
You think it’s annoying when I say “perrfacct”
And how I always swear and say “fack”.
You say one day you’re going to sneak out;
You’re going to run far, fast and away
And no matter how loud I scream or shout
I will never find you, no damn way!
But I know deep, deep down you don’t mean it.
You only say it when I’m being a little Shit.
Regardless, I am proud of who you are,
And just how far you have come.
You truly are my luckiest star
And well, I guess I’m your stupid bum!
I want for you joy, happiness and nothing less.
So on your 26th, I say Happy Birthday
And wish you ONLY the very BEST!!!