Coping with Covid

“Oh my God, they just need to shut down everything! Why can’t they just shut it all down?” I screamed at the TV as my husband and I were watching the horrifying reality unfold. We were walking into a global pandemic. Sheer panic set in. “Unfortunately they can’t do that, the economy wouldn’t survive,” was his response. But shut down they did. This was in March– more than half a year ago. And since then we have all been living out some of science fiction’s most outlandish scripts.

My outlook during the last 6 months have been one of Continue reading

Top 5: Most-Watched Music Videos Of All-Time

5. “Hello”, Adele [1.5 Billion]

hello adele

4. “Blank Space”, Taylor Swift [1.63 Billion]

blank space taylor swift

3. “Uptown Funk”, Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars [1.66 Billion]

uptown funk bruno mars

2. “See You Again”, Wiz Khalifa Feat. Charlie Puth [1.8 Billion]

see you again wiz khalifa

1. “Gangnam Style”, Psy [2.5 Billion]

 gangnam style psy


Source: YouTube