My Year of Writing (Part 1) – The Hurdle & Why

I actually surpassed this mountainous milestone last year back in middle of December, but I decided against celebrating then. What if the celebration was a gateway into quitting or being less consistent? Okay, I’ve done it. I’ve proved I can do it, now I can quit! “Nope, not me,” I said. I didn’t want that stamina to dissolve. I was in a vulnerable place after all. The holidays were upon us, and I was lazy and overall unmotivated. Plus, covid was still around and barking up every bloody tree. I couldn’t trust myself with Continue reading

The Making Of

Here’s the thing- I’m not a lyricist or a singer but I love everything about music. Actually, singing karaoke in front of a group of people was once a crippling fear of mine. FACT. It kind of still is; I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable singing in public anytime soon. The closest I come to Continue reading

The Write Stuff

From where I currently sit, I can see out the living room window into my backyard. I enjoy this view because it’s not a distracting one (no scandalous neighbourhood antics in these parts) but also, my living room makes me feel at peace. It’s a calm and cohesive space (especially Continue reading