March Blogger Spotlight

Welcome to my series in which I spotlight one of my followers. I’ve always had a deep fascination with people: how they became who they are, the struggles they won, and the hard lessons they learned over time. All of these scars and stories make up a person’s life. While I think it’s important to reflect on your own journey, it is also equally important to hear other voices and see diverse perspectives. In this series, the spotlighted blogger will be able to tell their story through curated questions I’ve asked of them.

The blogger I chose to spotlight for the month of March is someone who shares the same type of religious blogging schedule as I do. He posts weekly (on Tuesdays) come hell or high water. What strikes me about him is that he takes the time to engage with his readers through his own blog and also through his readers’ blogs. I find so much inspiration from him through his work and find his honesty refreshing. His blog is so relevant to me because he shares his real struggles and successes with his writing journey, and his writers’ work ethic is incredibly admirable! 

Without further ado, I introduce you to Stuart Danker of Your Friendly Malaysian Writer blog. Continue reading

My Year of Writing (Part 2): What I Learned

So, I wrote for a whole year (read part 1 here). This is what happened and everything I learned.

I challenged myself.

You’re never too old to challenge yourself or dust off a dormant passion of yours. One of the toughest things about being a parent to a young child is that there are no sick days, weekends, or vacations from your job as a parent. Even when you have a ‘day away,’ you’re never really disconnected. Your mind wanders, you plan ahead, you think about all the things that still have to get done and what needs to be sacrificed in order to get said things done. For instance, you could have a Continue reading