Vaxx Me

I have the grandest news! interrupt programmingI have been chosen to receive the covid-19 vaccine. I have a patient-facing role in a world-renowned hospital so this news wasn’t all that unexpected. However, what I hadn’t anticipated was how quickly I’d be selected. Early on I was able to pacify my fears by telling myself that I’d probably get the vaccine much later (much). I also thought I’d have hindsight on my side- seeing tens of thousands before me get it. You know, to see if they’ll suffer any unpleasant side effects such as loss of consciousness, limb or life (yikes, hopefully not).

Before the holidays a small group of clinical fellows were chosen to receive the vaccine first (due to their frequent exposure to general ward patients during their regularly scheduled call weeks). My immediate reaction was excitement (for them). I think I actually clapped my hands and jumped for joy. It was certainly uplifting news to see the trickle effect of this vaccine being widely distributed in a speedy fashion. After tiresome months of the media headlining tragic stories and hopeless covid-19 statistics, this was finally some news we could digest.

Then the fated email came. vaccineAnd gosh, I was not ready. Don’t get me wrong, I am damn grateful this opportunity is even presented to us this early in the game but c’mon, any normal person would have some ambivalence about the safety of a medical drug that was created in record time. Listen, I’m typically pro-science; I dutifully get my flu vaccine every winter and heed the advices of pubic health officials on all fronts. However, the speed at which this vaccine was produced had me doing some second-guessing (a few times over). Then a co-worker who was in the same anxious boat sent me a great article which dispelled some of my unfounded fears and apprehension. It provided me a basic understanding of how vaccines are generally developed, and all the circumstances around how this vaccine was able to be approved and deployed at lightspeed.

Anyway, back to me and the vaccine- should I or shouldn’t I??

Lord knows my husband wasn’t any help!

  • Me: OMG, they’re giving us the opportunity to get the vaccine if we want! Should I get it??
  • Husband: Yea sure, why not?
  • Me: You don’t think I have anything to worry about?
  • Husband: Nah, should be fine. Also, I’ll see if I should get it based on how fucked up you get.

God, I unimpressed maggielove that guy so much.

Finally, after some headache-inducing mind ping-pong I decided to take the gamble. If these doctors aren’t hesitating and they’re still alive with all limbs and whatnot intact then who am I to question the validity of swift science. So I sat down, took a deep breath, and clicked on the link to book the next timeslot…………. only to be told that the website had crashed! WTF?? I’m shooketh.

To be continued

7 thoughts on “Vaxx Me

  1. Yay for you! The speed at which it has been created? Not a concern, like the article refers to and similar to warfare, advances are made quicker when the demand and money is there. I’m more in the ‘do I risk it now or later’ camp. Die of COVID? Unlikely. Get cancer from an untested vaccine? Likely. Dramatic much? 100% Yes! Not an anti-vaxxer, just a confused healthy young female.

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