Fake It Till You Make It

“I don’t know how you do it! How do you freakin’ do it?”

I think, at some point or another, many of us have been asked some variation of this question; whether you were asked because you were juggling more than one job at a time or if you were tolerating an intolerable manager at work. Basically, you were “handling” the seemingly impossible (the unfathomable) and your secret to survival had to be shared. What are you doing that I need to be doing? At least that’s where my mind goes. But I feel like this question most often gets directed at moms. Admittedly, I’ve asked my fair share of mums that loaded question myself. And the response I almost always get back is this: “You just do.”

When a close friend recently asked me this very question about how I balance family responsibilities and work challenges (she’s a stay-at-home mom and I’m a work-outside-the-home mom), my response was one of humour but also, I didn’t know anything truer: “I make sure everyone in my house has two weeks’ worth of underwear.” Yep. That’s the bloody secret.

The End.

Okay, no, not quite.

The infinite pile of laundry can sometimes be daunting at the end of a long work week when all you probably want to do is splay out on the couch and fall into a voluntary coma. And for whatever good reason, laundry is most often on the women’s list of household to-dos. For better or worse, in my household I actually prefer to do it, but it doesn’t mean I adore it! (I just don’t want to walk around in life with expensive shrunken sweaters and pants three inches too short.) Envisioning everyone still having plenty of clean underwear after a full week of life was like finding a pot of gold because I now only had to worry about laundry twice a month. Once I changed the frequency of when ‘laundry’ appeared on my chore list, it greatly increased my quality of life. That meant I could go two whole weeks without the laundry nagging at me (laundry can be such a downer).

Yes, our hampers go untouched for that long. Some might balk at the bulk of that uncleanliness, but I feel like this change freed me from the buckling restraints I sometimes tie myself to in order to keep the façade of a tidy, ‘perfect’ household. Well, I no longer strive for ‘perfection.’ In fact, now I simply strive for basic necessities- you will, at the very least, have clean underwear! Boom. #Privilege.

Don’t get me wrong- things can get misplaced in my house too, but I wouldn’t call it messy. If anyone ever asks whether or not my house was clean 24/7 I’d likely answer with: “It’s always company-ready.” And what I mean is don’t look too closely behind closed doors, under blankets, in ovens/fridges. Basically, if you just showed up unannounced, I’d be able to host you and your squad without asking you to wait in your car for 30 minutes while I morphed into a high-speed tornado, whirling around the house picking stuff up off the floor and angrily shoving miscellaneous items into random crevices (which I’ve certainly done before too).  

I like things tidy. That won’t ever change but being able to unshackle myself from the invisible expectation of constant perfection was the game-changer for me. Sometimes this idea of perfection would even paralyze me to the spot, prohibiting me (mentally) from even starting a task unless I knew the outcome was absolute perfection. It reminds me of one of my favourite YouTubers, Kathryn Snearly of Do It On A Dime, and what she often reminds her viewers about: “A done something is better than a perfect nothing.” 

So, here are five hacks/tips/methods my family lives by to stay organized. Although nobody asked, you’re so welcome.

1. Buy Lots of Underwear.
See above. Basically, panic-buy underwear. Forget about the other stuff!

2. Let Go of the Idea of Perfection.
Do just enough of what you need to, in order to do a lot of what you love. The concept of “enough” is different for everybody and everyone’s passions will vary but I think we all know what our tolerance levels are. And if you don’t, it’s something worth looking into.  

3. Give Yourself a Pass. No Guilt.
There truly are so many things in life to feel guilty about, honestly. Not doing something that only you expected yourself to do shouldn’t be one of them. Sometimes you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it, what it’s taking you away from, if it’s adding negative or positive energy into your life and whether or not it’s worth it (your time, your effort, the stress). Then, try letting go- bit by bit. What’s left should be only things that truly matter.

4. Make Lists.
I have lists of lists probably- okay, no I don’t. That would be counterproductive. But, I love making lists. I am a huge over-thinker (see previous post). The only way I can find peace is to be able to offload what’s on my mind somewhere tangible where I can refer back to or remind myself of later. It calms my anxiousness knowing I’m not the only one having to remember everything (that piece of paper or Microsoft document now has that responsibility)! Also, I enjoy making lists because I can unpack everything and rank items based on priorities. When you rank by priority, it sort of forces you to look deeper at the task at hand and place a value of importance on it. Not all items are as relevant to your immediate goal. Fair warning- lists only work if you do it habitually and if you have one centralized place for your list. Otherwise, you’re just a lost soul trying to remember where you put all your lists and what was on them!

5. Keep a Family Calendar.
Whether you keep it on your fridge or electronically on a shared app, having one common area for notable dates (family and friend’s birthdays), upcoming school events, important reminders, tasks you want to get done on free weekends, appointments, and playdates is key. It’s helpful to see a month in advance with everyone’s availabilities in one spot. If you have a major event coming up, you can also use this calendar to break up the to-dos leading up to the event and block enough time to tackle said tasks.

Please keep in mind this is just what works for me and my little family of three. I have one child. For some, that’s one too many and for others that’s a piece of cake. My life is still manageable in the grand scheme of things. I am only an expert at raising my child and functioning within my life but if anything above helps you out, then that’s a positive in my books! In conclusion, always do what works for you! 

So, how do you cope with your endless list of responsibilities?


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31 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It

  1. I actually like doing laundry, but struggle with keeping the house company ready. So our solution is to not have any company. and it’s cheaper than having to have two weeks worth of underwear 🙂

    It sounds like you have found something that works for you, and I think that is the key to how you get things done…

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  2. My daughter has an odds sock policy; two little boys and four socks are all you need. Striped on one foot spotty on the other and no outfits co-ordinated. I don’t know know why I never thought of that. And for adults, who says you have to wear those days of the week socks on the right days…

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    • Exactly, we can break with tradition! Who says we have to eat meatless only on Mondays? Why not wear Tuesday’s socks on Thursday’s feet! This is what adulting is all about I suppose- doing what works for you for as long as you can! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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  3. I love this! I’ve learned to embrace the “done is better than perfect” view over the years. As a recovering perfectionist, that was a big step for me.

    I laughed at your underwear story. On the weekend, my daughter came home from college for Thanksgiving. She brought her laundry. As I was folding it and putting it back in the basket, I said “it’s a good thing you have lots of underwear or you wouldn’t be able to levae your laundry this long”. LOL

    Like you, I make lists. I also tackle big jobs piece-by-piece. That’s what led to my 52-Weeks of Decluttering challenge.

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    • “Recovering perfectionist” 😁 I kind of love this… because we’re always tempted to go back to our old ways aren’t we? Well, maybe just me lol… so nice of you to do your daughter’s laundry! Yes, I’ve seen the decluttering challenge. I’m not there yet sadly…. I hold on to things for a creepy, inordinate amount of time! I do need to start letting go though… I ain’t getting any younger and the houses here aren’t getting any bigger (to house all my junk)! 🙂

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  4. These are such helpful points! I think I do most of these except the underwear thing. In our family we all have a pretty sparse wardrobe (mostly unintentionally!) so I’m doing laundry a lot. Like you I don’t mind it, but unlike you I’m home all day, so it’s not as hard to switch loads of laundry throughout the day. I can’t imagine having to it all on the weekend!

    Letting go of perfection has been huge for me too. I love the idea of having your house always “company ready”, but no expectations of perfection. Even when people come over and I feel like things are a mess, I’ve realized that they don’t actually notice or care how clean it is as much as I do!

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    • Yes! This is so true! Sometimes, there is definite judgment but other times, I feel like we THINK we are judged more than we actually are. We probably project our insecurities too- especially when we see others who “have it all together” (when really behind closed doors they are probably just surviving as well) and we use this to disparage ourselves… it’s a gross cycle and so wasteful of time and energy!


      • Exactly! I know for a fact that I compare myself to others who I feel like “have it all together”. But we’re all learning and even those women have struggles – I just don’t see them.

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      • Right?! It’s so important to normalize our struggles and the frequency at which we struggle so that it helps others to let go of some of their insecurities, maybe? I guess that’s my hope!


  5. When did the load finally get lighter for us? The honest answer (as opposed to the bright and cheery “I’ve got everything under control” facade) is things didn’t lighten up until we retired and our son moved out. That’s not a very encouraging answer, but it’s the truth. Getting extra underwear seems like a better solution to me. We do have a housekeeper come in once a month, and that’s been a lifesaver.

    It’s funny how couples divide jobs up in a marriage. There are times I wonder, “How did we ever decide who does this?” For example, I used to do our taxes for years. When our assets got more complicated, we handed the job over to an accountant. For some reason that neither of us can remember, my wife now gets the documents ready for the accountant. It makes more sense that she do it since she is far more organized.

    I don’t like it when people show up unannounced, but that seldom happens. We do want to entertain occasionally, but that is on our terms when it’s most convenient.

    I’m at the point that I have to make lists to remember everything. As you said, it does help prioritize things.

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    • Oh man, so at the very least I got another 15 years if I’m lucky!

      In my house, the division of chores worked out quite nicely bc my husband does all the tasks I hate, can’t stand, don’t want to do or am not good at. And vise versa for what I end up with on my list. That’s a pairing that ended up working out to the point that I feel like more ppl dating should be asking this particular question (what chores do you prefer); along with all the other common questions like, “do you want a big family, are you close with your mom, do you wash your chicken, are you religious, etc….”. 😂


  6. You hit the nail on the head, Jen. Especially with buying lots of underwear. I’m from the (unfortunate) generation of ‘moms can do it all’. Well, they can’t. I have finally caved and have someone coming to my house once a month for cleaning. Why did I wait so long??

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  9. yes it can be hard to keep the home tidy especially with other responsibilities.. your list is helpful . I had a chuckle at the buy lots of underwear one! and keeping a family calendar is useful too — that way everyone knows what they have to do & will be more likely to stick with it when it is on paper (or screen)

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  10. Omg lists do that for me too. It keeps me on track, and allows me to pursue the important things (to me) when I have downtime, but I think it also helps me feel more at peace knowing that I’ve written down the important things I need to do somewhere, so I can just focus on doing this current job well. Thanks for this post!

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