Until Next Time

I made it! It’s been exactly two years since I started blogging weekly. Not that this was any sort of contest but I just wanted to say that I win. I win so freakin’ much! (To be clear, I win against the old non-posting-blogger me, not anyone else. Also, am not calling anyone a loser so please don’t cyberstalk me to send electronic dead roses.) But you know what they say, “The end is nigh.” Okay, nobody really says that anymore because it’s not 1692. (I don’t really know what happened in 1692 but it was a really long time ago and I assume people back then said stuff like that all the time.) Anyway, the end is nigh near. Actually, it’s Continue reading

Crushing It: The Turning Point Series

I know I’ve broken a few souls in my lifetime. No, not soul-breaking as in my karaoke singing dissolving ones will to live, or even like breaking someone’s heart. Although selfishly, I would hope somewhere out there, I meant enough to someone for them to have felt ‘heartbroken’ by my absence in their life (is that sadistic?). What I actually mean when I say breaking someone’s soul is the act of Continue reading